©+ has one agenda: keep playin’.

As diaper dandies, the most free we ever felt was when we were having fun with our best friends. Like Calvin and Hobbes. Base was barricaded with titanium strength pillows. Teleportation stations were made of cardboard. Flags got captured. Pickup lasted forever. Dessert was the end game. And boobie traps were set everywhere.   

“Quit playin’!” The Rule Makers™ would say. Each day they’d add a new plank to the fence marking the boundary line. Then they installed barbed wire, security cameras and armed guards. They read us the American Dream® every night before bed and told us we need to become compliant adults.

Do not give in, comrades. Rally the team, find the escape hatch and run free with wild spirits. Hit the open road and ride. Put your whole foot into your craft. Dance in your opponent’s face when you defeat them. Get up off the wall. Yell domino on em. Seize every moment that life presents to pursue what makes you happy. Whatever it is you love, go hard for it. 

Your time here is short. Remain on the offensive and keep attacking together.

The Rule Makers™ can't stop us.