Wile E. Coyote, carnivorous vulgaris and self-described super genius, is a notorious villain from the Looney Toons cartoon series who makes infinite attempts and fails to capture his nemesis, Road Runner. These spectacular failures happen in spite of Coyote's ultra joog from the Acme Corporation, whose reliably unreliable and absurd products--e.g. Tornado Seeds™--malfunction at theeee worst possible times. 


As a yute, I was really entertained by this accident prone scavenger and his misfortune. As an adult who loves mythology, I revisit Coyote for what he can teach me about the relentless appetite and short-sighted arrogance of the male ego, but mostly because he's a prototypical trickster, one of my all-time favorite archetypes. 



Lemme explain what that means real quick.

Archetypes are templates of people, behaviors or personalities that come from patterns within our shared psychic experience. Think of a hero character like Batman who gives us a model for coping with trauma (seeing his parents murdered), finding meaning in loss (becoming a crime fighter), discovering our strengths and using them for a cause (community justice). Patterns like this appear universally in stories across all cultures and historical time periods, and they reveal similarities in how we think, how we feel, what we desire and what journeys we take in life.

Trickster is a model for boundary-crossing characters who disobey normal rules and conventional behavior, love to cut up, and work against the status quo by mocking it with humor. They're often mischievous practical jokers or wise fools, and their greatest gift is using comedy (or chaos) to draw attention to things in the modern world--especially within ourselves--that need to be changed, helping us have fun with each other in the present moment and freeing our spirits. 

Here are some trickster characters from popular culture.

The Joker, Cat in the Hat and Bugs Bunny.

The Joker, Cat in the Hat and Bugs Bunny.

Axel Foley, Richard Pryor (especially his Mudbone character) and   Tyler Durden.

Axel Foley, Richard Pryor (especially his Mudbone character) and Tyler Durden.

Ferris Bueller, Bart Simpson and Stephen Colbert.

Ferris Bueller, Bart Simpson and Stephen Colbert.

Wile E. Coyote, Calvin and Willy Wonka.

Wile E. Coyote, Calvin and Willy Wonka.

You may notice a couple things from these examples. One is that they're all male, even though trickster energy is neutral and can show up in anybody. Modern American culture produces more male tricksters than female. This is revealing because myths communicate something fundamental about the worldview, values and beliefs of a culture. America, of course, is dominated by men. So these man-centric myths give us clues to our own unequal and unjust order. 

You may have also noticed how old most of these examples are. Besides Colbert, where is evidence of trickster energy in 2014? What does it mean that there aren't more characters calling out the hypocrisies and absurdities of our country? 

Well, the people who rule the American empire have a vested interest in hiding the evidence of contradiction, inequality, injustice and widespread suffering. American myths are designed to turn the world upside down, to spread belief that life is good, America is exceptional, that war is necessary, that melanin is a weapon of mass destruction, that wealth trickles down and that everything is arranged the way God intended. These are shallows lies that crumble under the most basic scrutiny and ridicule. 

This is why I love tricksters so much. They use cunning creativity and jokes to take power away from swindling rulers. Our culture needs more trickster energy. And we're gonna water our Tornado Seeds to conjure it.

More to come...


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The 26th divine principle of Ma'at says that I must not curse any God or Goddess.

So I've summoned all my bitches to bathe in preparation for sacrifice in case I sin involuntarily. I'm on guard. Because SungWoo just helped the Royals push-broom the O's right out of the playoffs and Based God struck a lightning bolt down onto Kevin Durant's foot. There's just so much unexplainable juju flying around that we all need to be careful. By that I mean engage in rigorous, meaningless debate about who has more karmic juice.

KD found out the hard way what happens when you disavow Based God with such a weak surrender. The Thunder announced last Sunday that Durant's "jones fracture"--a broken bone at the base of his pinky toe--will likely cause him to miss the first month of the season. 

"Oh, now you wanna [curse] my pinky toe?"

Yes. And the God is showing no mercy.

To understand the timetable of this interstellar warfare, read this guide. It's heating up again.

And then there's the unsung juggernaut, SungWoo Lee, who went from message board fixture to human rabbit's foot with the strongest gravitational pull in Kansas history. It's a made-for-Disney story that keeps getting better with time.

...ever since Lee arrived in Kansas City, the Royals can’t stop winning. They were already on a hot stretch before he arrived, having won nine of their previous 12 games.

But since he got here, the Royals have taken that to another level. There was the game last week against the Arizona Diamondbacks, which the Royals won, 12-2, hitting three homers with at least two men on base for only the fifth time in franchise history. The fifth inning of that game marked the first time the Royals had ever had a three-run homer and a grand slam in the same inning.

And then came last Saturday, with Lee in attendance for the first time. The game, against the San Francisco Giants, was scoreless in the middle of the fifth inning, which is when the Royals put Lee’s picture on the Jumbotron. The very next batter — Alex Gordon, leading off the bottom of the fifth — homered. The Royals went on to win, 5-0, as James Shields threw the Royals’ first shutout of the year.

Before the game, Lee had sent this out on Twitter: “Go Royals ... make it 5-0 today.” Was he rooting for them to win their fifth straight since he arrived? Or did he predict the final score? Decades from now, scholars will parse his post the way amateur historians watch footage of Babe Ruth’s called shot, trying to determine his intent.
— Rany Jazayerli, New York Times

Like I said, earlier today the Kansas City Royals earned their place in the 2014 Fall Classic.

So will Team October rise faster than Mr. Gone-til-November falls?  Let's settle this with a vote.

Whose got more juice?



Wash this little brush. That’s the fun part of this. This is where you take out all of your frustrations and hostilities. Give it a good shake. Just beat the devil out of it.
— Bob Ross

You ever wonder whether Bob Ross does some wild ruthless shit off the clock, like waterboard ISIS prisoners for the CIA? Because he's got this lowkey vibe like he'd have jihadists begging for a Catholic baptism. There's no way Bob is that based all the time, right? You mean everyday he kisses his wife on the forehead, warbling Meadowlarks fly to the window sill and sing Sweet Devotion, he cooks a 3 course brunch and then just goes off to paint happy clouds all day? 


Fuck you say about my clouds?
— Bob Rawse


Drake’s the only real nigga whose workout routine involves kegels.
— @desusnice

Hasidic Edition Knowledge Dartsand educated ignorance with special guest Fat Jew, who is not that funny. Also, what are they drinking off that table?


Flying Lotus has been on an astro journey for a minute now, and death is the subject he's settled on for his latest body of work. In this video for "Never Catch Me" you see tired bodies mourn, but the spirits of the dead live on in joy. I haven't got a clue what the afterlife looks like, where it is, or how we get there. But I do know that when I get called home and my '76 deuce and a quarter pulls up to the function, Ima give daps to Pac, take a sip from the Holy Grail, go stand right in front of Aaliyah and get to giggin' like fuck a funeral. We at recess forever.


You're Dead! is out tomorrow. Get it here:

And sidenote. Are music videos still necessary? From a storytelling point of view, absolutely without question. Beautiful cinema, especially the kind that Khalil Joseph creates, will always be needed. But what about in terms of business and becoming a successful musician in today's industry? How strong is the correlation between millions of YouTube views and millions of records sold? Honest question. I really don't know the answer.



I played this speech for my dog Buddy and now he's Wolverine. Demands I call him LT.

Whatever, Buddy.

Listen up. Here's the game plan.

We're gonna run Ugly Kardashian out the gate for a quick hitter. T. Reez, you're really gonna have to sell it. Make 'er look like a mutton chopped mud duck.

Our opponents are cold-blooded brutes, but they have no brain. Pink Matter, no Krang nahmean. Problem is these Western Conference Cowboys made a bet we can't refuse. Said if they win they're gonna take over and shut all leagues down. It'll be all field work and no play. This is the game to save all games.

So put your hands in here. 

D'Amato said we fight for every inch.

Bombay said we fly together.

O'shea said 99 defeats out of 100 still leaves one time for our victory.

Time to win as a unit or die is individuals. Team All-Galaxy. 

We gettin that ship this year.

Here we go. Love on 3. Love on 3.