Flying Lotus has been on an astro journey for a minute now, and death is the subject he's settled on for his latest body of work. In this video for "Never Catch Me" you see tired bodies mourn, but the spirits of the dead live on in joy. I haven't got a clue what the afterlife looks like, where it is, or how we get there. But I do know that when I get called home and my '76 deuce and a quarter pulls up to the function, Ima give daps to Pac, take a sip from the Holy Grail, go stand right in front of Aaliyah and get to giggin' like fuck a funeral. We at recess forever.


You're Dead! is out tomorrow. Get it here:

And sidenote. Are music videos still necessary? From a storytelling point of view, absolutely without question. Beautiful cinema, especially the kind that Khalil Joseph creates, will always be needed. But what about in terms of business and becoming a successful musician in today's industry? How strong is the correlation between millions of YouTube views and millions of records sold? Honest question. I really don't know the answer.