The 26th divine principle of Ma'at says that I must not curse any God or Goddess.

So I've summoned all my bitches to bathe in preparation for sacrifice in case I sin involuntarily. I'm on guard. Because SungWoo just helped the Royals push-broom the O's right out of the playoffs and Based God struck a lightning bolt down onto Kevin Durant's foot. There's just so much unexplainable juju flying around that we all need to be careful. By that I mean engage in rigorous, meaningless debate about who has more karmic juice.

KD found out the hard way what happens when you disavow Based God with such a weak surrender. The Thunder announced last Sunday that Durant's "jones fracture"--a broken bone at the base of his pinky toe--will likely cause him to miss the first month of the season. 

"Oh, now you wanna [curse] my pinky toe?"

Yes. And the God is showing no mercy.

To understand the timetable of this interstellar warfare, read this guide. It's heating up again.

And then there's the unsung juggernaut, SungWoo Lee, who went from message board fixture to human rabbit's foot with the strongest gravitational pull in Kansas history. It's a made-for-Disney story that keeps getting better with time.

...ever since Lee arrived in Kansas City, the Royals can’t stop winning. They were already on a hot stretch before he arrived, having won nine of their previous 12 games.

But since he got here, the Royals have taken that to another level. There was the game last week against the Arizona Diamondbacks, which the Royals won, 12-2, hitting three homers with at least two men on base for only the fifth time in franchise history. The fifth inning of that game marked the first time the Royals had ever had a three-run homer and a grand slam in the same inning.

And then came last Saturday, with Lee in attendance for the first time. The game, against the San Francisco Giants, was scoreless in the middle of the fifth inning, which is when the Royals put Lee’s picture on the Jumbotron. The very next batter — Alex Gordon, leading off the bottom of the fifth — homered. The Royals went on to win, 5-0, as James Shields threw the Royals’ first shutout of the year.

Before the game, Lee had sent this out on Twitter: “Go Royals ... make it 5-0 today.” Was he rooting for them to win their fifth straight since he arrived? Or did he predict the final score? Decades from now, scholars will parse his post the way amateur historians watch footage of Babe Ruth’s called shot, trying to determine his intent.
— Rany Jazayerli, New York Times

Like I said, earlier today the Kansas City Royals earned their place in the 2014 Fall Classic.

So will Team October rise faster than Mr. Gone-til-November falls?  Let's settle this with a vote.

Whose got more juice?